That very same night…

That very same night…

Bruce White

Bruce White

Bruce White

  • Born: Warren, OH

  • Resides: Mount Vernon, OH

  • Spouse: Kathy

  • Children: Andy (32) & Ian (30) & Therapy Dog, Rigby (4 ½)      

  • Automotive experience:

    Back in the day, Bruce had a job building custom vans (yes, the kind that nobody would let their kids go anywhere in - if they knew about it).

    Prior to building vans, which provided much needed funds to pay for college, Bruce passed his driver’s license test like many other boys his age as quickly as possible once he turned sixteen.

    That very same night, unlike many other boys his age, he had his first experience on a drag strip (the unauthorized street-illegal kind) in his parent’s 1971 Ford Galaxy 500 with a 351 Cleveland engine.

    That very same night, Bruce also had his very first accident on that very same drag strip (in very same parent’s 1971 Ford Galaxy 500 with a 351Cleveland engine).

    That very same night was also Bruce’s very first opportunity to experience the view of the surrounding world from the back seat of a police cruiser (“it is amazing how the flashing lights reflect so brilliantly at night off of all the trees and the guardrail upon which your parent’s 1971 Ford Galaxy 500 with a 351 Cleveland engine is precariously perched”).

    Not surprisingly, Bruce didn’t get to experience much use from that new driver’s license for quite a while after that.

    P.S. He’s hoping he’ll fare better this time around…...