Great Expectations


Forty years ago, the merger of Mercy and Martin Hospitals produced a new venture known as Knox Community Hospital. 

Over time, KCH has grown significantly so as to meet the needs of our community by adding great clinicians, important life-saving services, and advanced facilities. Our 40 acre campus now houses The Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness, along with the Knox Medical Pavilion.

Our continued growth has been exceptional, but in the process, KCH has also run up against some significant limitations.  Currently, there isn’t enough space to expand. To continue to meet and exceed our community’s expectations, we once again need to grow.

This expansion will be our largest to date. The Family Health and Wellness Center will be a four story building designed with families in mind. The goal is to make patient care as convenient, simple, and accessible as possible. 

With this in mind, the new building will have

1st FLOOR -Family Practice, Endocrinology, Lab Draw Station

2nd FLOOR -The Birthing Center

3rd FLOOR -Obstetrics and Gynecology, Women’s Diagnostics, and our new Pediatric Practice

4th FLOOR -Cardiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation

Delivering excellent patient care that is convenient, comfortable, and easy to navigate is our top priority.  We are very excited about this new expansion because it will essentially create a one-stop location for our patients. Expanding will also free up space on our campus, allowing us to offer even more quality care close to home.

Our hospital is not part of a large corporation; rather, it’s community-owned. It belongs to us, and we are personally proud of KCH’s positive impact on this area.  Now, as in the past, we need your support to grow. This community stepped up when we built the Knox Medical Pavilion which houses the Cancer Center. Your gifts made it possible for folks to get treatment here at home instead of adding the burden of traveling back and forth to Columbus. In fact, every time we’ve asked for help to improve patient care, the residents of this county have generously offered up their support.


The continued partnership between The Foundation’s donors, volunteers and health care providers is vital to the growth and development of Knox Community Hospital. Please join us by making a gift today.  

Contact The Foundation office at 740.393.9602 for more information about our giving opportunities.


Rendering of the new Family Care Center.