Peanut Butter, Cindy’s alternate driver!

Peanut Butter, Cindy’s alternate driver!

Cindy Cunningham

Cindy Cunningham

Cindy Cunningham- She’s a Wreck!


  • Born: August 31, 1982

  • Resides: Mount Vernon, Ohio

  • Children: Matilda

  • Dogs: Phil and Zeke

  • Hamster: Peanut Butter

  • Fish: Anna and Elsa

Cunningham was born in Mount Vernon, Ohio and grew up on her parent’s farm outside of Fredericktown. Her dad is Dick Cunningham (retired teacher and tennis coach at Mount Vernon High School) and Susan Gregg Cunningham (retired teacher at Mount Vernon High School). Cindy lives in Mount Vernon, Ohio with her family.

Cunningham knows nothing about cars or racing. However, she has been involved in a number of car accidents in her lifetime. Just ask her parents.

The good news for Cunningham is that she is an attorney at the law firm of Murray, Rauzi, Kidwell & Cunningham with offices in Mount Vernon and Marengo. In addition to running a successful law practice, she is active in the community.

You might recognize her as President of the Knox County Chamber of Commerce, President of New Directions Women’s Shelter, Treasurer of the Knox County Bar Association, a Paul Harris Fellow in the Rotary Club of Mount Vernon, Member of the Development Committee of the Knox County Foundation, Member of the Revolving Loan Fund for the Area Development Foundation, Member and Past President of the Mount Vernon YMCA, Member of the United Way of Knox County Board of Directors. If you or someone you know or someone you would like to know is a member of or affiliated with any of those organizations, you should donate money to Cunningham to support her efforts in the Knox Grudge Race.

Cunningham has agreed to raise at least $1,000 in sponsorship funds. Each donor will be recognized with their logos on Cunningham’s car and in her description. There will be an award for the best funded driver. Hey, if she can’t drive, at least allow her to be well funded!

There will be an award for the favorite Grudge driver. She is a lawyer. That already puts her at a disadvantage in this category, so your participation is that much more meaningful! It only takes $1 to vote for Cunningham as your favorite driver!

All proceeds for the Knox Grudge Race benefit the Knox Community Hospital Foundation.  You can help Cunningham support the the Knox Community Hospital Foundation by clicking the link below or contacting her at ccunningham@mrkattorneys or (740) 397-7474.