Dave Culbertson

Dave Culbertson

Dave “Big Daddy” Culbertson

  • Born: Mount Vernon, OH

  • Resides: Mount Vernon, OH

  • Spouse: Ellen Culbertson (38 years!)

  • Children: 6

  • Grandchildren: 6

  • Occupation: Broker/Owner, Real Living Home Team with offices in Mount Vernon, Utica, & Mansfield

These other so-called drivers are going down!  Back in '75 or so, I ran Pacemakers a few times in my '72 VW Beetle. Blew the doors off a few Vegas and Gremlins in my day. Have been practicing ever since, racking up points with the police ever since...It's all been building up to this Grudge Match...If you want to sponsor the winner and have your logo in the winner's circle, give me a call at 740-485-1641.

Check out “Big Daddy’s” video: