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Jarrett Helming

Jarrett Helming

Jarrett “Bone Crusher” Helming

  • Born: At an Indiana race track

  • Resides: Gambier, Ohio

  • Wife: Suzie

Children: 2

Jarrett Helming loves being an orthopedic surgeon, but his first love has always been cars.  Born at the local race track, Jarrett has always loved speed. He grew up racing around the neighborhood on his bike. When he got older, his Sting Ray morphed into a 1986 Cutlass Ciera. Jarrett’s  very first job was selling dirt track tires to the likes of Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and JJ Yeley.  On more than one occasion, Jarrett's mother has been heard to say, "My Jarrett . . . he's a menace behind the wheel.” As a teenager, Jarrett always had his potato cannon and lead pipe (for launching bottle rockets) stowed in his car, and among locals, he was known for his “Indiana-style drive-by.”  As an adult, Jarrett's aggressive approach to driving has not mellowed—at least that’s what his white-knuckled passengers say.

What’s the takeaway?  Jarrett "Bone-Crusher" Helming is actively prepping for the Grudge Race. He is very confident, especially considering his lightweight competition, and he's not shy about listing out his advantages:

  • He's personally aerodynamic—his receding hairline reduces drag 

  • He has been driving for 23 years. Studies show that driving performance peaks at 23 years of experience>WIN! 

  • His wife has already told him, “I’m a racer’s  wife; if you ain’t  winnin’ I’m gone.” 

  • He’s left handed.

He has his official racing jacket.

The conclusion seems inevitable: Bone-Crusher takes the checkered flag!

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