Our wireless moms say, "thank you"


As the Labor of Love campaign progressed and the funding was made available, The Foundation moved forward to purchase wireless maternal/fetal monitors for our patients, all because of your generosity.

According to the research, in the United States an estimated 71% of women labor in a supine position in a hospital bed, but there is no medical advantage to the mother or baby for bedbound labors. In fact, there are many positive clinical outcomes for mothers who are able to move about during labor. Research shows that freedom of movement may result in shorter labors, more efficient contractions, greater comfort and a reduction in the use of pain medications.

Walking during labor facilitates the descent of the infant into the pelvis. Standing and moving also helps a mother leverage the power of gravity, hastening the birth.

Movement during labor also helps the uterus work more efficiently. Being mobile in labor is safer and healthier because it does not disrupt the normal physiologic processes. Birth is hormonally designed so that when labor starts, the uterine muscle responds to oxytocin. Women then respond to uterine contractions by moving around to reduce their pain. In the ideal scenario, the pain response signals the brain to continue to release more oxytocin and contractions become more effective. In an environment where women feel safe, beta-endorphins help a mother respond to pain by using coping strategies, one of which is moving about.

Movement during labor has also been characterized as calming and empowering because the mother has more options to help her work through the contractions. Moving around may also relieve muscle tension that leads to pain in childbirth.

There is also evidence showing that mothers who labor in an upright position have a reduction in abnormal fetal heart rate patterns and a significant reduction in assisted deliveries.

The wireless maternal/fetal monitor pick-ups are comfortable and easily applied, using a peel-and-stick patch that requires no repositioning. So now, because of your gift, mothers-to-be have the flexibility to be up and around during labor, joyously awaiting the birth of their child.