The Birthing Center


The Birthing Center

The Foundation’s successful “Labor of Love” campaign in 2017 is seeing the fruits of its labor in the Birthing Center, due to the generosity of donors like you.  The wireless maternal/fetal monitors have been a big hit with moms who are able to stay mobile during labor while KCH clinicians keep a close watch on babies-to-be.  Darcel Jones, RN, estimates that already 25-30% of moms are using the wireless monitors, and she expects that the numbers will continue to rise. “Our moms are really loving the flexibility that these wire-free monitors provide. They can be up and around, take a shower, sit on a birthing ball—all because they aren’t tethered by wires.”

The SimMom birthing simulator—another recent acquisition fondly called Lucy—assists in providing ongoing training for the obstetric staff.  Because of Lucy, our teams are able to maintain their tip-top skills.  And when you speak to Director Joanne Yates about the new Family Care Center, her enthusiasm is loud and clear: “We are so grateful for the center that we have now, but with one whole floor designed for having babies, KCH will really deliver. The new center will have eight spacious birthing suites that will accommodate the entire labor-to-recovery experience. And as always, our compassionate and expert staff will continue to provide our moms with comfort and safety. I think that sends quite a message to the community, that we value the process of birth, and we value new lives and their families.”

Labor of Love Campaign Continued:


Lori Wilkes