Nursing Shared Governance Committee raises funds for The Foundation for KCH

The Nursing Shared Governance Committee at KCH recently held a special hospital event to raise awareness for their mission and to generate funds for The Foundation for KCH.  “We’re a collaborative group of nurses invested in team-building, problem-solving and accountability. We’re looking at ways to further improve staff satisfaction, productivity, and patient outcomes,” said Amber Jordan, Director of Physician Services and the chair of the committee. “One of our most important ideals is unity and teamwork,” said Joanne Yates, Director of the Birthing Center. “Our conversations led us to a deep sense of appreciation for our hospital. This is what spurred the idea for the Foundation fundraiser.”  For three days, educational games were played and a variety of beautiful cakes were displayed at the hospital.  Tickets were sold and winners were drawn at the end of each day. “We are thrilled to present The Foundation with a check for $1000,” said Deborah Shobe, Director of Peri-Operative Services, “This event exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to what the future will bring.”


For more information about The Foundation for Knox Community Hospital, please contact Lori Wilkes at 740.393.9602 or by email at

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