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Lori Mckee

Lori Mckee

Lori “Hometown Girl” McKee

  • Born: Mount Vernon, Ohio

  • Resides: Mount Vernon, Ohio

  • Current Career: Yoga Instructor & Studio Manager @ Hot Yoga Escape & Big Sister to Lisa McKee

    Interests: Great wine, great food, golf, yoga and spending time with friends

Lori is the fourth of five McKee children born and raised in Mount Vernon, OH. Having 3 older brothers, Lori was no stranger to toughness,--at just 12, she beat up a middle school boy picking on her younger sister! Lori graduated from Mt Vernon High School and then attended Mt Vernon Nazarene University where she played basketball and tennis.

 Lori's driving career began on the streets of Mt. Vernon!  Her deliriously brisk route started at Becks Drive-thru and continued along Main St, rounding the square to Chestnut where she hung hard right--normally on 2 wheels of her '73 Honda CVCC, out to Coshocton and speeding to turn around in the Charger Lanes Bowling Alley lot! (On snowy nights, her turn-arounds became whirling donuts--and not the kind you eat!)

Her need for speed and love of fast cars began when she dated a boy in high school who drove a dark green, four on the floor, 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS!

Although Lori has never driven professionally, she  has won many illegal drag races on the back roads of Knox county!!

Car fuel is Lori’s perfume.  She’s excited to put the pedal-to-the-metal and leave the likes of a realtor, director, attorney and last but not least, ‘Big Mac’  in her rear view mirror as she blazes across the finish line! 

She’s confident that the benefits of yoga, such as breathing, improved core strength, reduced stress & anxiety and increased flexibility will help her to win the Knox Grudge Race!