Nick “Firebird” Clark

Nick “Firebird” Clark

Nick “Firebird” Clark

  • Born: Medina, Ohio

  • Resides: Mount Vernon, Ohio

  • Children: 3

  • Hobbies: Being awesome

Nick Clark was born in Medina, Ohio in the backseat of a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.  It is fair to say that he was born to race.  In recent years, Clark has toned down his racing ambitions by applying the "governor" in the form of a sweet Dodge Grand Caravan.  It is in this model muscle car that Clark hangs with his better half and 3 children.

“The primary reason that I am involved in this Grudge Match is that I support and believe in all things KCH.  We are lucky to have resources of the likes that KCH provides in a small, rural community like Knox County.  Secondary to that, I have a competitive drive and will absolutely wipe the floor with my competitors.  This group of ragtag Knox County members are no match for my driving prowess.”