Creating a healthy legacy


Why leave a legacy?

At the Foundation for Knox Community Hospital, we want to ensure that future generations continue to have access to quality healthcare close to home.

Legacy means building charitable partnerships with caring individuals and committed businesses.  It means recruiting the best medical teams possible and purchasing state-of-art health technologies that facilitate quick and effective healing. 

Legacy also means moving forward on major capital projects like the Knox Medical Pavilion and the new Family Care Center.

Not so long ago, a local heart attack patient had to make a 50 minute trip to Columbus for treatment.  As they say in cardiology, “time is (heart) muscle.”  Time lost while traveling can have devastating consequences.  Today, KCH houses an award winning cardiology team and two topflight heart catheterization labs that save lives and improve patient outcomes every day.

Cancer patients endured a different kind of hardship as they made months of nauseous car trips down to Columbus and back. Why? Because at the time, that was the only option available, apart from declining chemotherapy altogether.   Today, local patients can have life-saving treatments in the KCH Cancer Center just a few minutes from their homes.

There are many great organizations out there, but only one Knox Community Hospital.  Your partnership with the Foundation is part of a vital legacy that is transforming lives.