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Vickie “Mario” Sant


  • Born: Virginia

  • Resides: Mount Vernon, Ohio

  • Husband: Keith Sant

  • Children: Brooke Bernicken,Brittany Sant, Brian (Amy Bernicken)

  • Grandchildren: Rosalina and Joanne Bernicken

  • Hobbies: Walking, quilting, grandchildren and Glamping

Mario Sant hails from the Virginia Beach area. Early racing days included driving and running pit crew for various vehicles including a Rambler (caught fire), a Spider, a Vega Hatchback (crashed into a McDonald’s) and a tricked out Dodge Challenger.

Mario Sant is known for being a strategic driver turning all near misses and unavoidable mishaps into opportunities. This was on full display in 1974 when a Norfolk, Virginia public transportation bus pushed her Vega Hatchback into a McDonald’s giving inspiration for the first full-service Drive‐Thru. She and her passenger sustained only minor injuries, but created a whole new level of convenience for mankind.

Sant’s MacGyver‐like skills have been used to repair a burning vehicle and drive it to work the next day with little more than water, a road sign and duct tape.

Mario was born on Flag Day so she is very accustomed to flags waiving. While usually they are American flags, she relishes the idea of a sea of checkered flags.

Mario Sant is honored to participate in a race with such esteemed drivers and for the benefit of such a worthy cause.